This is what I look like when I commute to work in winter. Why don't we all live somewhere warm?



I'm Jennifer Haffner and I might just be the designer you're looking for.

I've worked as a print and web designer for retail giants and small upstarts. I've rolled out menu designs for restaurant management mega-groups and hand delivered print samples to independent shops. I've worked with teams of Product Owners, UXAs, Copywriters, and Front End Developers to produce engaging brand experiences.  And, while every job is different, with each and every engagement I've worked hard to broaden my view of what good design can do and deepen my commitment to doing it.

I work primarily in Adobe Creative Suite on Mac and PC but I'm always open to learning new software, Sketch being the newest addition to my toolbox. I have used a variety of digital asset management and content management tools as well as coordinated delivery of assets to Front End Developers. I have experience with both waterfall & Agile methodologies and designing responsive websites. I'm capable with HTML and CSS but I generally prefer to leave those things to the professionals.

Most importantly, I'm sincere and straightforward and I have a passion for design.